7 Common Lock Problems and Solutions

Locks play a very important role in our homes; they keep us and our possessions safe. For them to work as they should, they have to be in good condition. Sadly, most people notice that there’s something wrong with their locks only if it doesn’t work.

Some problems may not be very serious while others could be beyond you. Here are some common lock problems and solutions that you should have at your fingertips.

1. Slow Door Locks

This is one of those not-so-serious problems that you can fix on your own. It happens when dirt accumulates in your lock, therefore making it difficult to use the lock.

There are two DIY ways to fix this problem. First, try lubricating the lock. Clean the door lock with a penetrating lubricant. Thereafter, use silicone or graphite lubricant on the lock and spray it on the key. 

Finally, insert the key into the lock severally to spread the lubricant in it. Don’t use grease or oil, as they can make things even worse. Also, try attracting the filth in the lock by slowly putting a cotton swab in it.

Still stuck? Then you need to call a reliable and local Melbourne locksmith, they’ll be able to unlock your door as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

2. Key Breaks in the Lock

If you’re constantly in a hurry, this may have happened to you at one point or another. Getting the key out often takes quite some effort. It requires that you follow the right procedure. Spray lubricant into the keyway. You may need a paper or rag to get rid of excess lubricant.

Afterwards, use tools such as tweezers, a Swiss army knife, a bobby pin and a safety pin to extract the broken key from the lock. A simple way to avoid all this hassle is to handle the key and lock with care. If you’re locked outdoors or have tried all these tips and still can’t get the piece out, a reliable emergency locksmith will.  

3. The Lock Itself isn’t Working or the Bolt is Stuck

Mostly, this issue is brought about by a mechanical problem that you can handle only if you’re an expert. A quick way out is to remove the lock and try identifying the source of the problem. A professional locksmith like ZS Locksmiths will be able to do this in no time.

4. The Key Won’t Unlock the Lock

Are you using the right key for the lock? That could be it. Ensure that you use the right key for every lock and that you put it in correctly to avoid this problem.

Other probable solutions to the problem are repositioning the lock and checking if there’s anything caught up in the lock. Use the right method and tools to handle the situation should there be anything stuck in the lock.

5. The Key Won’t Turn In the Lock

This could be as a result of your lock seizing up. Don’t try forcing it because you’ll worsen the situation. It might be as a result of excess grime in the lock as well. Try using graphite or silicone spray to lubricate the lock. Use the lubricant in controlled amounts, as too much or too little may not yield the desired results.

6. The Lock is Frozen

During winter, water may accumulate in the lock and turn into ice. You need to use the right amount of heat to melt the ice. Using the wrong heat source or applying too much heat may damage the lock permanently. The safest way to go about this is to contact an emergency locksmith. 

7. The Lock is Loose

Loose locks are usually as a result of a lock being used for a long time without replacement. Take action as soon as you can for the sake of the security of your home and contact a professional Melbourne locksmith.

We’ve Got You Covered

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