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ZS Locksmiths – Mobile Locksmith Glen Iris

Locked out/in? Lost your keys? Victim of break and enter? Need new door locks in a new home?
Don’t Panic. We will get there as fast as you need. We’ve got you covered.

Gain Entry

Ever found yourself locked out of your house and no way to get back in? Don’t stress you’re not alone. At some point everyone experiences that feeling when you realise your keys are on the other side of a locked door.

If you happen to find yourself locked out and in need of emergency assistance in Glen Iris, our mobile locksmiths will come to your rescue. Once we are on site our locksmiths will carefully gain entry to your locked property without any damage or the need to replace the existing lock.

However, if you have somehow lost your keys completely, our locksmiths can quickly replace or rekey your existing door locks.

Locks Changed and Re-keyed

There’s no need to pay for expensive new locks. Your existing locks can simply be changed so that they operate on a new key. Don’t take the risk of lost keys or old tenants having access to your home or building.

Having your locks changed is a quick and cost effective way that you can ensure no one but yourself has access to your property. Our team of qualified locksmiths can attend your home or workplace, quickly disassemble your locks, change the key that fits, reassemble the locks on the door and have your valuables secure again in no time

Locks Fitted, Serviced and Installed

The right lock brings you peace of mind and easy access to your home or business.Upgrading or fitting new locks to your doors is an effective way to increase the security of your home or office. But it’s firstly important that you select the right lock for the application.

With different locks on the market it can be confusing to select the right lock for the job. The team at ZS Locksmiths will take the time to understand your security situation taking into account several factors which will help us provide the right lock and hardware.

Master Keys

Are you tired of trying to keep track of multiple keys for you business or office building? Is it a hassle trying to keep track of which of your staff members has access to what areas of your business or office building?

If you answered yes then a master key system designed and installed by ZS Locksmiths is a great way of controlling who has access to your home, business or office. A master key system when installed alongside a restricted or registered key profile will provide simple, secure and controlled access to your building or office.

Our team of experienced locksmiths are here for 24hr emergency locksmith services (though if you want to chat about lock options please do that between 8am-5pm).

Call our dedicated locksmith team today on 03 8506 9954 or contact us via the website and let us solve your locksmithing dilemmas. We service many other suburbs aswell, so if you’re ever looking for a locksmith in Fitzroy then give us a call today.


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