Lost your Keys? Here’s What You Should Do

If ever you’ve lost your most valuable set of keys to your office, car, or house, you’re not alone. Their small size and their worth make them vulnerable and very easy to misplace or to get stolen.

But what happens when these keys leave your care and get misplaced, stolen or lost? Your security and that of your loved ones and ownership over those items get compromised, not to mention the frustration that comes with getting locked out of where you need to be.

If you ever encounter this snag, here are some of the tips to help you manage the situation until you can replace them or possibly have them back:

1. Notify your Insurance Provider

This is one of the most sensible things to as soon as you realize your keys are missing. Most insurance providers these days include replacements of locks, keys, or both as a clause in the home insurance policy that you take out. If they do, let them know immediately so that they can compensate you in good time. Also, enlist experts that will help you deal with this issue appropriately.

2. Get the Locks Changed

This is a crucial step to ensure your security and that of your family. To avoid strangers possibly tracing your keys to your home and gaining unauthorized access, changing the locks is one way to prevent that from happening. Look for a reliable locksmith within your area who will get the job done regardless of the day or time.

3. Replace your Keys

You cannot opt to forget about your home when you lose your keys, can you? If you had not left a copy or two of the keys with your friend, relative or someone you trust, arrange to get a replacement. Basic house keys are relatively easy to replace. Modern, more sophisticated locks designed to keep vandals at bay at all costs might cost you a little bit more to have them replaced. Also, the replacement procedure is slightly different from that of the basic ones.

If we are talking about car replacement keys, however, be prepared to pay handsomely to get access to your car once again. They are known to cost an arm and a leg, sometimes even more than the vehicle itself depending on the make and model of the car. When this happens, be sure to get a spare one for a family member so that this does not happen again in future.

4. Ask for Company

If you lost your keys and wallet to theft or robbery, chances are that the robber might make his way to your house. If that should happen, it is quite risky for you to be alone and unaccompanied when this happens. Call a friend or family member and ask them to keep you company while you wait for the locksmith to arrive at your residence.

5. Keep Calm and Don’t Panic

It is very easy to lose your cool and to get anxious, worried and confused as soon as you realize that your keys are missing. Getting frantic and picturing worst-case scenarios as to what could happen next will not help matters. Instead, they will cause you to lose your peace and could cloud your judgment. To be able to think straight and plan your next course of action, calm down. This will allow you to slowly think and retrace your steps, and possibly help you retrieve your keys.

We Got You Covered

Losing keys can happen to the best of us at any time. Should this happen, try us to sort out the issue. You’ll be glad you did.

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