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Commercial and Residential Locksmith Newport

When you need a locksmith you can trust call ZS Locksmiths. We only send qualified locksmiths who have been highly trained in all aspects of locksmithing and security. Whether it’s an emergency or simple lock maintenance we have a local Newport locksmith who can fulfill your needs fast and professionally.

Locked Out of Your Home or Office? We Offer a 24/7 Locksmith Service

If you have locked the keys inside your house, car or office you know that usually happens when we are busy doing other things such as moving house or getting the kids out the door to school. Luckily we offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith Newport service to help you out in emergency situations. Our Newport locksmiths are well trained and able to open locks without any damage to your home or office door or lock. We can open most locks in a very short period of time, meaning less down time for you.

We treat all lockout situations as urgent and prioritise these jobs above less urgent work. Normal response times for us to get to you in a locked out situation is 30 minutes, depending on how many people we have locked out at that time, your location and of course traffic conditions.

Changing Locks

If your keys have been lost or stolen or if you have moved into a new house, it’s always a good idea to get the locks changed by ZS Locksmiths. By changing locks you are able to ensure all the keys that previously worked, will no longer open the door. Often situations arise where you need to lock somebody out, so by changing the locks you are able to ensure their key will no longer work in the lock.

Repinning is a lot like changing the combination of the lock to suit a new key. Our experienced locksmiths carry a range of replacement locks and lock barrels as well. New locks and barrels are used when the old lock has been broken or is worn out. Sometimes replacement barrels are used when it’s more cost effective to replace the barrel then it is to repin the actual lock.

All Locks That Work With the One Key

There is nothing worse than having a large amount of keys on a single key ring and having to them all to open every door in a house or office. It’s so much easier to have just one key that opens all the locks. So, if all your locks are of the same brand it’s usually relatively easy for us to alter the barrels and make them all work with one key. If they use different brands of locks it’s usually not too complicated to change them to the one key. At ZS Locksmiths we stock a range of replacement lock barrels that have been specifically designed to accept a type of key that can be used throughout an entire home.

The types of locks in a home we can change to the one key include deadlocks, lever handle locks, security doors and sliding doors, garage doors, padlocks, and many more.ZS Locksmiths is always available to help with your lock and key requirements in Newport.
Installing a security lock to your business or home door can not only upgrade your security it can also give you peace of mind that you will be safe from attempted break ins.

Our Newport locksmith can help you decide what level of security locks are right for you, your home and your business.

Contact us today for all your lock maintenance, replacement, repair and 24/7 emergency services. We service many other suburbs aswell, so if you’re ever looking for a locksmith in Mckinnon then give us a call today.


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