Tips for Maintaining Lock and Key Function

Like other complex mechanical pieces, locks need to be properly maintained for them to function correctly.  Not only will proper maintenance keep your locks functioning properly, it can lower your costs caused by repairs or replacements.

With today’s lock craftsmanship and quality, many issues that occur with locks are caused by lack of upkeep or incorrect usage.  While it’s true that many locks will last for years to come, it’s always important to properly maintain your locks.  Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to maximise the life of your locks.

Clean Your Locks Properly

Many people don’t realise that there is a right and a wrong way to clean your locks.  Most locks are made of metal covered in a protective coating.  That coating protects your external locks from the elements and your internal locks from continual usage, so properly maintaining the lock exterior is extremely important for the longevity of your locks.

It’s important to avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaners when cleaning your locks.  Chemicals can deteriorate the protective coating and cause additional damage to the lock.  If the chemicals regularly get into the lock itself the internal gears can be impacted – locks involve complex mechanics that require gentle handling.

Regular Lubrication

With so many moving parts in a lock, regular lubrication is potentially the most important maintenance step to elongate the life of your locks.  It’s a relatively simple process that so many people overlook.  Locksmiths recommend a dry lubricant over a petroleum-based lubricant to avoid any internal damage.

Simply spray the lubricant into the keyhole then insert the key multiple times to spread the lubricant throughout the inside of the lock.  This simple step will greatly improve the quality and life of your locks, keeping them functioning for many years.  Most locksmiths suggest doing this at least once a year.

Check to Make Sure the Door Hangs Properly

Some of the biggest issues that arise with locks are caused by improperly installed doors.  A lock can only work correctly if the door is installed correctly.  A door that’s not installed correctly can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the lock and cause significant damage over time.

If you’ve noticed issues with your locks or if you’ve experienced difficulty locking your doors it may be that your door isn’t hanging correctly.  Check your doors to see if it hangs unevenly – if so, contact someone to get it corrected immediately to prevent any further issues such as lock failure or potential door damage.

Bad Locks Are Bad for Your Home

If your locks are continually deteriorating and eventually fail, it can lead to bigger issues.  You may be locked out of your home or your doors may not lock at all, leaving your home susceptible to break-ins.  

Regular upkeep of your locks can keep your home and your family safe.  You can avoid these serious problems with proper and regular lock maintenance.

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