What to Do When Your Key Gets Stuck in the Lock

It may have happened to you once or twice. You fit your key into the lock and turn it, and when you pull it out, you realise it’s stuck. You’re sure that it’s the right key and you used the right amount of force to get it in. So what’s the problem?

Simply put, either of the mechanisms or both of them needs lubrication. This normally occurs if you’ve used them for a long time without cleaning them. What happens is the teeth of the key get caught up in the lock pins.

If you have a spray lubricant, fixing the problem is fairly easy. There are some techniques you can apply without lubricant. It depends on whether it’s a car door or a house door. Here’s what you can do when your key gets stuck in the lock:

1. Pull It Outward

Jiggle your key as you pull it outward gently. Put a bit of force  when pulling. If you pull too hard, you’ll probably break the key or damage your door. Additionally, you may bind the key to the lock pins even tighter.

Gently moving your key up and down will work because it’ll free the teeth that are lodged in the lock pins. This will make it possible for you to pull out the key.

2. Try Ice Cubes

If it’s a hot day, pulling out the key may not work. Try putting several ice cubes in a plastic bag. Then hold them against the key. You may rub them onto the key as well. This could contract the metal enough for the teeth to clear the pins.

After rubbing the key with the ice for a while, turn the key severally to speed up the process of separating the key and the lock.

3. Push Against the Lock With One Finger

Sometimes, the reason for a key getting stuck in the lock of a door, especially a house door, is that it’s loose.

Before trying any extreme measures, start with the basics. Stabilize the lock with your finger or hand as you turn the key with your other hand. This prevents the lock from turning with the key.

Once the key is free from the lock, consider fixing or replacing the lock if it’s been around for a while.

4. Use Spray Lubricant

When push comes to shove, the only and most effective option left is to use a spray lubricant. 

Spray a substantial amount of spray lubricant into the keyhole located just above the key as you jiggle the lock with your other hand. If the lock is quite new and clean, this could be all you need to separate the key and lock.

5. Find a Locksmith

If you have no experience with keys and locks or if you give it a try and doesn’t seem to work, don’t put the welfare of your door at risk. It may seem like a simple task and even if you’re living on a tight budget, a professional locksmith is all you need.

Hiring a certified locksmith has a number of advantages. Some of them are:

  • They have the expertise required.
  • It’s a sure way of preventing theft or burglary from happening to you or your family.
  • If you hire an insured locksmith, your investment is secured.
  • They are convenient. Some locksmiths offer their services on a 24-hour basis, which means that you’ll never worry about staying locked out or in.

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